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Cover (c) Notörious  / Sliptrick RecordsCover (c) Notörious  / Sliptrick RecordsLabel: Sliptrick Records
Hard Rock, Glam Rock Metal
31. März 2020

Norwegians came together to play their favorite music. The four are: Chris Hoüdini – lead vocals, Nikki DiCato – lead guitar / backing vocals, Andy Sweet – bass / backing vocals, and Freddy Kixx – drums. Even the cast shows that only handmade rock can be created here. The result is a rousing rock sound that reminds of the glamorous sounds of the 1980s, the sound of the Sunset Strip, part of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Bands such as Mötley Crüe, Van Halen, Skid Row and Poison are therefore not by chance among the heroes of the four Norwegian musicians. Founded in 2018, the rockers from Bergen in Norway released their debut album at the end of March. Last year, five songs were released under the name "Seducer" in the form of an EP. Before going into detail, I can confirm that Notörious have succeeded a remarkable work with "Glamorized".

Extraordinary eye-catching intro

Band Notörious

The album begins with an extraordinary intro of the song "Gunnerside". Hard riffs, for the stereo listener from the left, go over into a rhythmic piece of music, in which also common vocal parts (Hey Hey) stimulate singing along. Yes, that runs through the whole album. Again and again the listener discovers himself in his thoughts to sing along to the songs, certainly a very good prerequisite for live concerts. The high hard rock voice of frontman Chris fits perfectly to the songs. The guitar solo at the end of the song, which underlines the creativity of the guitarplayer Nikki, goes straight into the ears before the song ends with an acoustic detonation. The opener makes you want more and is already representative for the entire disc. "Flying High" with drums and hard riff in the beginning, quickly passes into a wide sound. Here too, the fellow musicians tune in to a choral song, which is also suitable for singing along again.

Again and again solo guitars

With a guitar solo and dynamic drive, the song rises again towards the end. "Notörious", a song about the band, follows here on the foot. "We are Notörious" is interpreted together and remains in the ear. The next song invites you to have fun. You feel moved into the 1970s, when the band Sweet mixed up the discos and music shows with their catchy rock. Rock-pop and fun was it back and that's exactly what Notörious want to make us feel today. "Have A Good Time" is the invitation for having a good time with their music. With styled hair, tight jeans and a leather jacket, nothing can go wrong, according to the guys in the song. Whether you're hanging out in a bar or somewhere else, the song describes what you need, just the right music. "Seducer" is a dynamic song, again packed with guitarsolos and a few special vocal sequences. The song provides a new sound aspect. Die Schönheit lauer Sommernächte

The beauty of warm summer nights "Summer Nights"

In this midtempo song, Notörious rely on emotion and catchy vocal lines. In the song, they describe the feeling of warm summernights that you experience with friends at the beach, or how to come home after the last day of school and start the long summer holidays. They also know that after the relaxed summertime, autumn comes with coolness and early darkness. Notörious make us feel the magic of summer and to hold on to the beautiful moments. Once again, the guitarist reaches into the strings. The song Tonight (Gonna Get It) calls for fun. "Come on, tonight, are you ready!" With these optimistic tones the album comes to an end and it's time to push repeat.


For music lovers of the rock sounds of the 1980s and fans of good handmade guitar music, the album is highly recommended. However, musical repetitions are very often found in the songs, although each track has its own charm. When listening through, many listeners will notice that the song beginnings sound similar until a few exceptions. Notörious should be even more creative here. But in its entirety, the album is very worth listening to and a good accompaniment to beautiful and unforgettable moments of life.


NOTÖRIOUS - Friday Night (Get Ready) Lyric Video


01 Gunnerside
02 Flying High
03 Notörious
04 Have A Good Time
05 Friday Night
06 Run For Your Life
08 Seducer
09 Summer Nights
10 Tonight (Gonna Get It)


Chris Hoüdini – lead vocals
Nikki DiCato – lead guitar/backing vocals
Andy Sweet – bass/backing vocals
Freddy Kixx – drums

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On Sliptrick:

Many thanks to Notörious for the provision of the promotional material and for the support of Elisabeth Wiesinger.