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Cover (c) Frozen FactoryLabel: Self Released
Alternative Rock
12. Juni 2020

Frozen Factory has its roots in the north, in Helsinki (Finland). The desire to make music and curiosity have brought Tomi Hassinen and Eetu Pesu together. They themselves describe their influences as a mixture of Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Steven Wilson and many more. Nevertheless, the debut album Planted Feet shows, they have found their own sound. In April 2019, Tomi and the English front man Stephen Baker met up. Everything fit and so he is a permanent member of the Finnish / English band. The debut album is the result of the inspirational collaboration between the two and was significantly supported by Mici Ehnqvist (guitar) and Eetu Pesu (drums).

Band Frozen Factory

Everything starts at the sea

the seagulls are screaming and slowly a soft sound is making its way through the screams. "Planted Feet" is the first song on the Finnish / English band Frozen Factory's debut album of the same name. An album that has a lot to offer to the listener begins tenderly and emotionally. Towards the end of the two-minute intro, the piano sounds disappear in the screeching of the seagulls and in the ringing of a knell. "Tiresome Times" follows non-stop. Inspired by bell sound this song starts a little bit tender but soon gets going faster, screams, supported by voice choirs, the daily horror messages of the world events and asks: "Is it good, economic growth at all costs or should we rather focus on the well-being of mankind focus?"

The power of love in the video

The text for the following song "Numbered" comes from mastermind Tomi Hassinen. In it Frozen Factory denounce the abuse of power. They are more of the opinion that power should come from the people. Musically the focus is on the guitars. Thrilling and with a lot of melody, the request is expressed. A song that also invites you to rock along. Frozen Factory swing the rock hammer with "Hammer". In the video by Lauri Läpä Koivusalo it is about the lettering "Peace is Power". The power of love can overcome a lot. Nature can also be shaped to be good or bad. Let us be aware that we have only one earth and think for the good. Thrilling sound brings the message to the listener. Powerful hard rock makes the heart beat faster. Some sophisticated sound effects enrich the successful song.

Frozen Factory - Hammer


Virtual Reality - The Future of Humanity?

An emotional ballad called "Fantastically Incorporated" follows. On the whole this is about the digital diversity of our time, also about the capture by virtual realities. How far can we go, when does the benefit stop, when does dependency begin? It is up to us to use the technology sensibly. There is also a video for this song that visualizes this fact.
"I Caught the Sun" brings a whole new timbre to the album. Are we looking forward to the dream summer? Have you already missed climate change? Environmental catastrophes lead to hunger and death due to dryness. Is sunshine more important to us than the life of the world population? Frozen Factory complain with music that goes into ears and legs.
How true is the truth, or has it already died, Frozen Factory asked in the following song "The Truth Is So Dead". Do you want to believe everything. There are spokesmen who pretend their truth to you. But thinking for yourself makes you smart! Don't be misled by pseudo-science and misinformation. In the middle section you can discover a guitar solo that increases to a grand finale.

Frozen Factory - Fantastically Incorporated

"End Me" - probably one of the best songs on the album

"End Me" is a very unusual song. It starts with dark piano sounds and mystical sound, followed by haunting words. This reminder is repeatedly interrupted by a part sung. With this haunted instrumentation and the voice vocals that are a little reminiscent of Anne Clark, the musicians want to accuse us of literally poisoning, suffocating and decimating the environment. The song would like to call for a loving relationship with our home planet.
"By the Way" starts acoustically and wants to give a possible answer to the questions from "End Me". Let's look through the truth that has been served up and let's question the fake news! After the many questions raised, Frozen Factory naturally also have hope for the future. This topic is taken up by the following song "Life Found Away". We have no other planet at our disposal and should think back to what is there and care for it.
The last song "Uproot" closes an arc to the opener, again with the note to take life slowly and give humanity a chance.
The sound of the sea brings us back to the sea. Similar to an anthem, the album closes with a melodic sound, with vocals and a sound carpet that ends with a musical wave play.


The album is remarkable. It is music that, on the one hand, sweeps you away, on the other hand invites you to listen and linger. But the lyrics should not be disregarded for all musical comfort. Frozen Factory want to convey their statements. Environment, nature and mankind interact. Mutual respect can only contain the overexploitation on our earth. "Planted Feet" is a debut album by a band that still has a lot of potential for good, refreshing alternative rock.


01 Planted Feet
02 Tiresome Times
03 Numbered
04 Hammer
05 Fantastically Incorporated
06 I Caught the Sun
07 The Truth Is So Dead
08 Quit
09 End Me
10 By the Way
11 Life Found Away
12 Uproot


Stephen Baker (Frontman, Vocals)
Tomi Hassinen (Founder, Composer, Bass & Keyboards)
Mici Ehnqvist (Guitar)
Eetu Pesu (Drums)
Marianne Heikkinen new on the drums, "Planted Feet" was produced with Eetu Pesu

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Many thanks to Frozen Factory for the review documents and Elisabeth Wiesinger for the support.